FeaturesWhich features are important within the AVoS architecture?

A vocabulary learning platform should be both, useful to the target group and user-friendly. There are four key factors that help achieve this goal. (1) Explicit vocabulary study. When learning vocabulary in an explicit manner, one should focus on acquiring the word's definition and orthography. (2) Relevant content. It is important that the content is meaningful to the learner. One could learn from self-created vocabulary lists or pre-defined lists depending on the learning goal. (3) Online learning platform. Studying vocabulary online supports integration: users can collaborate with other users and they can access external links, such as dictionaries. (4) Barrier-free access. AVoS should be user-friendly for assistive technologies including screen magnifiers, screen readers, and braille displays.

In order to truly address the needs of the target users, they are included in the design process. Please click below to learn more about how AVoS is developed in close collaboration with visually impaired people. [How is usability achieved in the AVoS design process?]